Welcome to my website, where I combine my two favorite subjects: history and writing. I write fiction and non-fiction. The non-fiction works emphasize history through historic sites. That leads to a variety of topics such as customs, clothing, food, etc., of a specific period. The fiction works often weave the past and present through history, ghosts, within a framework of strong family ties.

My newsletter contains articles about historic sites ranging from museums, ships, statues, and related topics as well as updates about my writing projects.

A Lazy Day Anthology © 2018

A Lazy Day Anthology is a short story collection by members and non-members of Bugs2writes, a U.K. writers’ group that raises money for children’s medical research. Featured Bugs2writes authors are: Elizabeth Allen, Rosemary Baxter, David G. Hulson, Audrey Nye, Graham Mcglone, Sally Saunders, Suzanne Stack, and Julie Hatton (editor). Featured non-member authors are: Lynne Thelwall and myself (Cynthia Collins). The book contains 21 stories, fiction and non-fiction, ranging from humorous to serious. My story, “The Grass Patters,” is a humorous tale about a curious, but not nosy, woman who sees her neighbors poking around in their yard. What starts out as a little eccentric ends up of interest to the whole community with the curious neighbor having a front row seat. The book is currently available on Amazon in Kindle format.

The Unicorn Tree by Cynthia Collins © 2018

The Unicorn Tree is set in a small New England coastal town and at sea aboard a clipper ship. The time period alternates between present day and 1850, as the story combines universal themes of family, friendship, uncertainty, and independence with adventure, maritime history, and ghostly intrigue. In the story, Lisa Duncan, a seventeen-year-old high school senior, has an assignment to tour historic Mirabelle Manor, a large estate built in 1850 by a sea captain for his wife. During the tour, she begins to suspect that Mirabelle’s ghost is watching her. One of the items on display is a diary, open to a passage about going to a place called the unicorn tree to watch for ships. This appeals to Lisa whose brother is currently sailing across the Atlantic on a commemorative voyage. When news arrives that his ship is lost at sea, her interest in the diary deepens as the past and present lead her to discover what happened.

Available on Amazon and Barnes&Noble.


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