The Unicorn Tree

The Unicorn Tree by Cynthia Collins © 2018

A teenage girl whose brother is lost at sea…the diary of a nineteenth-century woman…and the special place that binds them.

Lisa Duncan, a seventeen-year-old high school senior, has an assignment to tour historic Mirabelle Manor, a large estate built in 1850 by a sea captain for his wife. During the tour, she begins to suspect that Mirabelle’s ghost is watching her. One of the items on display is a diary, open to a passage about going to a place called the unicorn tree to watch for ships. This appeals to Lisa whose brother is currently sailing across the Atlantic on a commemorative voyage. When news arrives that his ship is lost at sea, her interest in the diary deepens as the past and present lead her to discover what happened. Paperback and Kindle

Book Overview

The Unicorn Tree is set in a small New England coastal town and at sea aboard a clipper ship. The time period alternates between present day and 1850. The story combines universal themes of family, friendship, uncertainty, and independence with adventure, maritime history, and ghostly intrigue.

It is two stories in one: The first one is in the present. Lisa explores the estate and reads the diary as an assignment. When her brother is reported lost at sea, she feels drawn to the house and to the people who lived there. The drama creates a strain at home with her parents and friends as days and weeks go by with no news. The second story is the love between Mirabelle and the captain, their life and influence within the community, and during their separations when the captain is at sea.

The Unicorn Tree is for teens and adults who like old mansions, clipper ships, ghost stories, and adventure in historical settings. For more information, see also reviews and excerpts.


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