The Unicorn Tree by Cynthia Collins

The Unicorn Tree by Cynthia Collins

“I am impressed and moved by how well you’ve captured not only facts/reality about maritime history and life, but also the interior life of people actually involved, on shore and on the water.”

— Laura Pires-Hester, Ph.D., Vice-Chair of Schooner Ernestina Commission

“The Unicorn Tree is a remarkable achievement… I kept reading, not just because I had to, but because I wanted to. It’s a real page turner.”

— Barbara Stretton, author of the Tori Trotter Mysteries

“This is a fascinating book, for high schoolers as well as adults! Cynthia Collins weaves history with both suspense and mystery, skillfully building a story within a story. …a must-read for any high school student.”

— Robin Tidwell, author

“Cynthia Collins’ The Unicorn Tree is not your typical Young Adult book fare. Very well-written, it combines history, teenage angst, family crisis, and the occult in a wonderful blend that keeps the pages turning. An added plus is you will learn a lot about nautical terms and how old ships work. In short, I highly recommend it!”

— S. R. Mallery, author

“I have enjoyed The Unicorn Tree immensely. I loved all the characters, the weave of centuries, the presence of Mirabelle Manor and the shore… You have mastered all your details and carried me through the experience while always holding my attention.”

—Lee Gruzen, writer and editor, Ship Lore and Model Club of the Port of New York

“The Unicorn Tree blends history with coming of age. Full of angst because her brother was lost at sea, a teenage girl discovers an old and fascinating journal. Her suspenseful search to unravel truth weaves history into her adventure. Author Cynthia Collins has penned a delightful story that any age can enjoy. I highly recommend The Unicorn Tree to all.”

—Kathleen Rowland, author

“An old manor, a curious journal, family crisis and suspense – a great plot. A book for teenagers and adults alike. A recommended read.”

—Diane Major, author

“The lines move with a tempo of suspense. Well researched and believable. Wonderful plot and characters that come alive. A good read.”

—D. A. Ramirez, author

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