Works in Progress

The books below are my current works-in-progress. Click on the book title to read a sample.

Mist and Memories: A Collection of Short Stories

A short story collection with a variety of themes ranging from family ties to ghosts and from nostalgic to spine-tingling. The simplicity of signing a card is difficult due to the illnesses of age. The unexplained events that lead to a sharp turn on a fog-covered highway overlooking the sea. What is real and what isn’t?

An abandoned old house that was once the center of family life goes on the auction block. A young woman walking along a crowded city street before Christmas receives an unexpected gift. How does the past and our surroundings influence us? These and more are a part of Mist and Memories.

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Outside the Door

Five friends… One question… What would you do if you saw a ghost?

This ghost story is set in the 1830s in New York City when Manhattan was still rolling hills with large country estates. It follows five friends, two men and three women, in their early twenties who are members of the upper class. They are continuing a tradition they have had since childhood to stay up all night on October 31st and tell ghost stories. This year’s event is particularly meaningful for two reasons: they have not seen each other since last year, and they have each become successful in their chosen careers.

They gather in the home of one of the friends and sense that this is no ordinary night. Strange, frightening things happen that go beyond their stories and force them to confront the rumblings of change in the city and in their own lives.


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